Vote People!

In 2016 only 58% of the voting eligible population cast a vote.  Voter turnout for midterm elections is generally 20% or so less than what we see during the presidential election.  If history holds, we’re talking voter turnout in the 30’s!

By not voting, you’re saying healthcare, the economy, immigration, climate change, taxes, gun control, judicial appointments, and a list goes that literally goes on forever do not matter.  Let me say this in a way our personal finance community would understand.  Muting your voice, regardless of your political preferences, is akin to paying brokerage fees- not Vanguard fees, I’m talking WFG, pyramid scheme, crazy hustler fees.

If you’re considering it but are overwhelmed with trying to figure out what to do next, let me help.  Your first stop should be to check if you’re registered to vote.   Next, you can find the location of your local polling place at this link.  And finally, do yourself a favor and mute the extreme rhetoric on both sides and decide for yourself what matters most to you.  AARP has a great page with links to each candidate’s personal webpage for you to read about them in their own words.  

Okay, jumping off my soapbox.  Happy voting day!


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