Physician Financial Blog Rankings

Physician financial blogs have exploded in the past couple of years thanks to the influence of the White Coat Investor. A couple of posts online keep track of these financial blogs.

This page gives the “live” Global Alexa ranking for each of those sites. Sites with N/A do not have a ranking yet but maybe it will show up by the next couple of updates.  I will try to update this list every 2 weeks. Please comment below if you don’t see your site listed.

Last Updated: 10/31/18


  1. Wow this is so cool. I always heard about Alexa ratings but didn’t know how to check them personally. And this is a live list that updates? Will definitely bookmark.

    1. It’s an automatic list but I couldn’t publish that one directly because amazon limits how many requests you make per month. So I run it and then paste it into a different google sheet. I’ll update it every couple of weeks.

  2. Well it definitely is cool seeing where ones blog ranks. I’m curious because on this list right now I appear to have a lot lower number than the one wci posted just 2 days ago by almost a couple million (3.45 million global vs 1.7 million here). Have no clue what such a big difference (but I like ur list better. Lol)

  3. Hard to believe I am on this rank list at all, harder still to believe I am in the top twenty. If I was only out of residency I would write more than I currently do! Here in three short years!

  4. Is this physician finance related blogs or written by physicians? Im married to a physician and blog/podcast over at Financial Residency. Not sure if it counts but thought I’d comment. Its amazing to see how many are out there now!

  5. I dropped to 36. It will probably go down further since I stopped adding content to I’m hoping my new blog, will make the list one day though. Thanks for this info. It looks like WSP could be the next WCI-Network member.

  6. Thanks for shout out! Apprentice M.D. is new and looking forward to working with everyone!

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