Dadly Digest – 11/3/2018

Welcome back for this week’s Dadly Digest where we share our posts from the week and other posts from around the web that caught our eye.  Sit back, relax and grab a cup of coffee (or scotch) with this week’s Dadly Digest. 

Our Post’s From The Week

1.) Cost Segregation – Time is Money by Woodstock
Real estate is a big part of our investment plan and depreciation can be a powerful tool to minimize the tax burden associated with real estate.  Cost Segregation is a strategy that takes traditional straight-line depreciation to the next level.   This post even got featured in Passive Income MD’s – Journal Club this week.

2.) My Robo-Advisor Journey by Dr. Linus
DIY investing is not for everyone and regardless of how simple a 3-fund portfolio can be, there are some people who want a set-it and forget-it way of investing.  Robo-Advisors can be a great alternative to traditional financial advisors at a fraction of the cost.  I have invested with 4 of them and this is my robo-advisor journey.

Posts From Around The Web

1.) The Money Mix – No-Cut November Challenge – The great folks at TMM came up with a fundraiser challenge to complement the no-shave challenge. Skip your haircut and donate the money to a cancer organization of your choice. I don’t know if me skipping a hair cut will do much since I go to the $5 shop but I’ll send some from our donor advised fund.

2.) Why The Best Predictor of Future Stock Market Returns Is Useless by Nick Maggiulli – @dollarsanddata 
As we have discussed multiple times on this blog, timing the market is a fools game but what if we use the absolute best predictor.  Average Equity Share is supposed to be one of the best predictors of S&P500 returns for the next 10 years.  Nick shows how even the most disciplined investor would probably not be able to pull this one off. 

3.) How Many Physicians are Using Real Estate Professional Status As a Tax Shelter – by Semi-Retired MD 
I think it’s fair to say that I’m starting to have a professional crush on Semi-Retired, MD.  All of his real estate deals, amazing travel photos, and solid real estate advice on his blog … just a-little jealous.  I recently posted about the qualifications of Real Estate Professional Status but this post looks at a survey showing that REPS might be a unicorn to the general MD community but even underutilized by the physician real estate community.  

4.) Specialty Beers by Side Hustle Scrubs
Labeling of each medical specialty is a daily discussion in the hospital.  SHS puts together a hilarious list by assigning a beer to each specialty.  I never saw myself as a Bud Light Lime type guy but once you compare it to our traditional costume of scrub-tops with cargo pants then it makes sense. 

5.) The X-Ray Beam interview with Dr. McFrugal on Xrayvsn It’s always fun to get background on other fellow bloggers. The vegan, king of credit card travel hacks, and fellow Dad goes under the X-ray beam for us to learn more about him.

Have a great weekend!

–Dr Linus


  1. Appreciate the inclusion in your roundup. I learned a lot about Dr. Mcfrugal and just am amazed and how he can hack his way through some sweet deals. I am hoping you will be willing to undergo the x-ray beam in a future post as well 🙂

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