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Greetings all and thank you for taking the time to visit our blog.  We know all too well the great options available to you when it comes to personal finance blogs.  The fact that you’ve included us in your rotation is humbling and a decision we will work our butts off to validate with every post.

We are two simple dads in the primes of our careers who love all things personal finance; but, quite honestly, that’s where our similarities end.  Woodstock lives in the world of finance and analyzes his choices holistically, preferring to focus on gaps and trends, and taking advantage of opportunities that mitigate future threats against his finances.  Dr. Linus is an Emergency Medicine physician who is always looking for creative opportunities to save money or maximize his returns.  Together our perspectives have led to the best strategies- ones that maximize ROI, minimize risk and put our families in a better position to spend time enjoying the things we love.

We hope by sharing this unique yin and yang perspective, you’ll find a similar value that can be applied to your personal finances.

Woodstock and Linus

Dr. Linus

  • Emergency Medicine Physician – MD / MBA
  • Computer Science / Systems Analysis – Undergrad
  • Married with 1 kid.
  • Twitter – @DoctorLinus_MD
  • Email – linus@dadsmakingcents.com

I started reading personal finance blogs more than a decade ago while working IT support at a local credit union.  In the process of learning about stocks, mutual funds, ETFs etc, I ended up trying a significant number of the money-making schemes.  I opened more than 20 credit cards to chase cash back bonuses, started an endless number of savings accounts to get the best rate and invested in multiple Crowdfunding platforms and Robo-advisors.

What I learned over the past decade is that there is no “right” way to do personal finance.  Everyone has their own goals, risk tolerance and free time available and once you figure it out then all three change with events like getting married or having a kid.

Just like the practice of Medicine, Personal Finance is a practice that is perfected over time through trial and error. Learning how to place a central line in medical school can seem like an impossible task but eventually, you learn, perfect and start teaching that skill to the new generation of students.

Dr. Linus


  • Attorney – JD
  • Finance and Marketing – Dual Major Undergrad
  • Married with 2 kids
  • Email: woodstock@dadsmakingcents.com

Hi all,

I’ve been interested in personal finance since the mid 90’s when Yahoo, Palm, Motorola, and AOL (remember them?) were the worlds tech darlings and made making money online through an E-Trade account all too novel and easy.  This led to a degree in Finance, then law school, and finally a career in tax and financial law.

In between, I’ve tracked almost every dollar I’ve spent, done app-o-rama’s for cash rewards, hacked credit cards to go on a 17-day European honeymoon for under $500, got married, and have become the proud father of two amazing children.  What I’ve learned through it all (and I suspect the reason you’ve found our blog) is that I can make an honest and comfortable living punching the clock, but much like doubling down with an 11 against a 6, winning through strategic risk-taking is far more rewarding.

And our goal with this blog is to help tilt the odds in your favor.  From Linus, you’ll see web 3.0 money making ideas that are well thought out and vetted but push the envelope.  From me, you’ll see more market trends and tax analysis that will help fill gaps you may not have thought about in your financial plan.  From both of us you’ll also find a sprinkling of our personal lives – whether that be a post on an amazing bourbon, a vacation, or product reviews for things we feel are worthy of sharing with the world.

Bottom line, our hope is to provide a truly unique experience when reading Dads Making Cents.